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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, internet advertising, online marketing, etc. are the various terms which are used by companies nowadays for marketing online. As the usage of the internet has almost doubled in the last decade so this has massively affected the purchase of people and their interaction with the business.

Digital marketing is like other types of marketing, which is a way of connecting and influencing potential customers. The main difference is how you are connecting and influencing the customers online.

Digital marketing is referred to as the online marketing assets. Email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and even blogging are the best examples of digital marketing. They help introduce people to the company and convince them for buy the products/services.

Below you will find some of the most common digital marketing strategies and assets which businesses are using for reaching people online.


Digital Marketing Assets

Everything online is considered digital marketing assets. You simply have to use the marketing tool for using them online. Many people are not realizing how digital marketing assets are to be used. Below are a few examples of it.

  • Website
  • Assets for branding online like icons, logos, acronyms, etc.
  • Images like product shots, infographics, photos of the company, etc.
  • Video content includes product demos, video ads, etc.
  • Online tools or products like calculators, SaaS, interactive content, etc.
  • Written content like eBooks, blog posts, testimonials, product descriptions, etc.
  • Social media pages
  • Reviews

You can imagine how this list will scratch the surface. Most of the digital marketing assets are falling in one of the above-mentioned categories. Some clever marketers are always coming up with new ideas for reaching customers online, so in this way, the list will constantly keep on increasing.

However, digital marketing is fast-paced and ever-involving industry, with new trends popping up. Thus, to offer relevant services to your clients you need to be up-to-date with the changing trends and digital marketing courses at Digital Discovery Institute (DDI) can help you. Our courses help develop your digital skills and advance your marketing career.

What is included in our digital marketing
training program?

DDI offers certification program in digital marketing online and offline. it involves developing an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the eight main domains of digital marketing and the student gets to work on virtual simulations and real world projects to get domain experience. There are more than 40 latest tools of digital marketing that give project experience and make the person capable to take up a job or start his own venture.

The course offered at DDI includes a range of disciplines and they are in high demand. In addition the training will give access to content of e-learning, forum of experts in the industry and simulation exams. These resources are a must to become a complete digital marketing expert. By pursuing our reputed digital marketing course in Mohali, one can get the benefit of.

Developing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of top functions of digital marketing such as paid marketing, inbound marketing, web analytics and social media marketing.
Become competent in managing, planning and executing campaigns that are integrated and multi-channel.
Lead teams of digital marketing experts and lead initiatives for your business or organization.
Understand the association and working of different disciplines of digital marketing and how to optimize the usage of each technique.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today.

Why all this hype about digital marketing training?

Digital marketing is important because every company is having their specific goals in their mind. Most of the companies want to reach more customers so that they can convince them to buy their products. To do this effectively, marketers are taking advantage of the marketing technologies and most valuable resources for marketing. In this digital world, the internet is at the top of the list. This will make the business need digital assets. It is very important to understand the various benefits of digital marketing to the business to become a successful digital marketing executive and here at DDI we offer that too. Here are some of the benefits you need to know.

Why choose
Digital Marketing as a career?

There is a demand and place for traditional marketing in the world, but digital marketing is taking over quickly because of its analytics and affordability. Marketing managers can know about the place from where the customers are coming, what they do on the website and what techniques produce the best ROI. This approach which is data-driven makes it simpler for professionals to show their worth and leaders can choose the strategies that are most effective. This removes the guesswork associated with future campaigns.

According to LinkedIn the role of Digital Marketing Specialist is amongst the top 10 jobs that are in most demand. There are 8,60,000 job openings for this position. The experience which is in most demand includes content strategy, social media, analytics, SEO and more. Because of huge number of facets in the digital marketing field, there are a huge number of related jobs in this industry. In reality there is a crisis for the professionals in this industry and it is known as digital skills gap. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, there is a shortage of 2,30,000 digital marketing professionals in major metro areas. With lot of jobs available and shortage of professionals, this is the right time to enter the field of digital marketing by taking the right professional course in digital marketing at DDI.

Scope of Digital Marketing

More than half of the customers are discovering the companies via feeds from social media. Companies will reach around 1 million customers alone from Instagram only. There are around 9 million businesses that are using Facebook for connecting with customers.

  • Companies are leveraging the social media platforms for B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns.
  • Marketers of B2C are focusing on improving brand awareness and trying to attract customers with their products and websites by making use of the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

For generating leads, B2B marketers are very active on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. They are also relying on the PPC campaigns for reaching their target customers without spending much on the money.

When content and ads are posted on Facebook and various other popular platforms then it will continuously be effective for reaching the target audience. The scope of digital marketing is to reach much more than just on social media platforms. In addition to social media, the tech-savvy businesses are employing the below methods for reaching a new audience while building and managing the awareness of the brand.

Paid Search

Marketers are paying to Google and various other search engine companies whenever someone is typing the keyword. Then in the result, the ad of the companies is shown. This is known as the PPC result.

Natural or Organic search

In this method, more finesse is taken than PPC. Marketers are making use of keyword analysis and various other SEO methods for pushing their content to the top of the search results on Google.

Email Marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are still very effective in reaching the target audience. They are also very easily accessible by small businesses.

Content Marketing

When you are publishing helpful guides, articles, tutorials and various other online content like podcasts and webinars which are helping in targeting the audience is the essence for content marketing.


This is a very good way for providing something valuable to the target audience. With this, you can also promote your products and brands.


When you are putting compelling audio content then this is another way for reaching your audience and can be used in combination with other social media marketing campaigns.

Learn all about these digital marketing realms at DDI’s professionally designed courses.

Digital marketing in 2021

Trends of digital marketing are evolving every year as more and more companies are entering this space and new technologies are kept on emerging. When you are looking at 2021 then some trends will help you in continuously shaping this space.

Video Thumbnail Watch 2 minutes

Fundamentals of digital marketing


Analysis of digital marketing will be done only after the fact. Marketers are publishing the subset of content for checking how effective it is in a few weeks. This will be helpful, but in real-time analytics is shaking up the world of digital marketing. With real-time analysis, the marketers can individualize the content for the subset of customers, and also, they can reply very quickly to the customer queries.

Influencers of Social Media

Advertisers of all the sectors are connecting with the influencers of social media for getting help in enhancing their brand awareness. This is a very effective strategy for digital marketing on social media. This is because customers have more trust in other customers as compared to the companies who are advertising the products. More and more companies in 2021 are expecting to use influencers for driving their sales.

Also, some celebrities are promoting the products. Some consumers are relatively comfortable with celebrity endorsement. Now, this trend is moving towards the influencers who are directly endorsing the relevant products. For example, James Charles who is a great artist, now a celebrity has expertise in specific cosmetics products and he is promoting in the Cover Girl.

Video Promotions

Video is always the king of promotions. Video promotion is always coming in the top strategy as digital marketers are capitalizing on the usage of short spans instead of viewing and reading the content. 75% of the consumers in the US are watching online videos each week. This medium is continuously playing a very significant role in connecting businesses and customers. Almost all social media are supporting video sharing and hosting.

One trend which needs to watch out for in 2021 is SEO images and video. Typically, people are typing in the keywords which are related to a particular video or image, but this is very tedious. More users are discovering that they are making use of existing images for searching other images online. This will increase the scope of digital marketing in 2021. When you are adding relevant keywords to the titles of videos and images, and also include the alt text in the descriptions of the image, then such methods are being used by the marketer's Advertisers are making it very easy for the potential customers to search them.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is enabling digital marketers to analyze user data in a better way. The customer journey is customized by the users. AI is helping the companies in understanding about the customers. From this, the companies will know how they can target in the best way the audiences.

AI is also providing a personalized experience to the users. They are giving them customized assistance in each process of the stage of buying. Businesses would be able to achieve this by understanding the customer experience and automating the ads which are targeted to the audiences using scheduled programmatic advertising. This programmatic advertising has increased at the rate of 70 percent in digital marketing.

Virtual Reality

Companies have started using virtual reality and augmented reality in their marketing strategies for enhancing the awareness of their brand. Customer demands are also increasing towards the use of virtual reality. There are companies like Nivea, Starbucks, and Volkswagen that have successfully launched VR and AR campaigns. They are offering the best customer experience and connecting them to the products and the brands.

Omni-channel marketing

Nowadays consumers expect that every business has an online presence. They are making use of a variety of media for engaging with the target market in a very seamless manner. This is referred to as omnichannel marketing, with this approach all the silos and the barriers are removed that have been imposed by different media. For example, a product that has been advertised on the television should also have online tie-ups which have been optimized by mobile and desktop users.

The main point is, consumers are using a variety of media for learning about engaging services and products before and after they buy. If there is no smooth handoff between this platform, then it will hurt the result and the user experience. This can also result in the loss of sales of products.

More interactive content

There is nothing new for interactive content, but it can be used as an effective marketing tool than ever before. This will not only increase the amount of time the customer will engage with the brand, but it will also allow the company to capture data, and then you can fine-tune the strategy of digital marketing.

As per the perspective of the scope of digital marketing, this content will include polls, contests, games, or even surveys. This will give the users more opportunities for interacting with the brand. This can play the goal for individual personalization.

Why take training and choose a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is booming and offers various job opportunities. There are so many avenues which you can follow when you have the right skills and knowledge. AT DDI, we help impart those skills with our expertly designed digital marketing courses. It is recommended to focus on one thing which you will do the best. In this way, you will learn more from there. If you are having a communications or business background, then you have to consider going to the management.

This is the field that is always engaging and ever-changing. You will always find new things to learn. If you are working in the agency, then you will get a chance to always work with different clients. This also means that you will never get bored. Besides this there are few more reasons which need to be considered:

What types of people will excel in the field of, Digital Marketing

There are various sorts of people who are following a career which is touching on marketing. It also depends on your area of interest. If you are from a technical background, then you don't need to know anything about coding or web design. If you know about this then you would be ahead in the competition.

This is a very dynamic field that requires continuous learning. You have to be a self-starter and also willing to teach yourself new technology and skills on a daily basis. For this, you have to be a problem-solver. If you are a creative, innovative, curious, adaptable, proactive, natural leader and have a very good sense of business then you will do very well in most of the field.

How to get trained as a digital marketing professional?

If you are coming from the background of web development, copywriting, design, or even marketing, then you are having plenty of skills that can be used in digital marketing. You want to get started with persona branding and building your portfolio which would be having a very unique presence in the digital world.

It is very tough to stay updated on the latest trends, but when you are having a very solid understanding of the basics then you can overcome the trends very easily. For example, if you know things like virtual reality and AI very well then you can use them in marketing and all this is taught at DDI. You are trained by the experts in the field helping you learn new technologies and gain the right skills. View and choose our comprehensive training courses.

You have to make sure that the streams on social media are consistent with your aptitude and skills. In other words, here, we are talking about learning publicly, and also you're interested in it. You can start one blog on Medium and then you can join some groups on Facebook depending on your field of interest.

You also have to look at the reputable, comprehensive training program for getting official certification in one or more core areas. When you are officially certified then you can leg-up in your peers when it is coming to searching for fulfilling opportunities. Here at DDI, we offer various courses with 1-on-1 training delivering unparalleled learning experiences.

Here is what you learn in our digital marketing courses.


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