Student Activities


Our institution offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities that cater to a wide range of student interests. We incorporate activities to bring out our students’ spirit of creativity by organizing competitions like rangoli-making competitions, taking part in the decoration of their campus, and other extracurriculars. We make sure to not let our students get bored, as their avid participation is apparent in games such as musical chairs, dumb charades, and other playful activities where we get to see them all fired up for the win! This is done to keep up their invigoration and involvement. It also allows them to bond with their peers while also providing them with a break from the monotony of daily life. Our students take part in a variety of activities designed to ensure that they learn new skills, form a network, and have fun along the way.


Participate in the excitement of our institution’s culmination of diverse cultures! From the colors of Holi to the lights of Diwali, our institution ensures that every festivity is embraced in its authenticity. We also commemorate the founding anniversary of our institution as well as the birthdays of each member present with us. Every festival is celebrated in each other’s company to heighten the bliss and air of festivities, whether it be fun Friday events held weekly for the joy of our teammates or the secret Santa planning for the showering of gifts.

The diversity of every culture and religion is venerated in all its glory and respect. Everyone is a part of the joy and celebration of who we are. Everyone partakes in the honoring of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions. This is what makes us stand out as an institution with undivided bonds and friendships that we cherish with all our hearts.


We place a lot of emphasis on bonding among the members and strive to assist them in reducing stress from their daily hustle and bustle. To help with the stress and improve engagement, we organize outings for the students to encourage the mixing of leisure with work and productivity. We took a trip to the hills in our neighboring state of Himachal, where we explored scenic treks and were enthralled by the beauty of the mountains. Trips to Goa were made possible for the fellows to enjoy some much-needed downtime and recreation. It helped them unwind from their everyday lives and venture into a new scene of invigoration and excitement. The spiritual aspects are also considered on trips when we all head to the Golden Temple in Amritsar for some peace and tranquility for the soul. Every trip we plan has a component that promotes the welfare of everyone who is traveling.